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New motor covers are increasing safety and productivity at Tasmanian paper mill

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Fibreglass motor covers, available from Kinder & Co have improved safety and productivity levels for a Tasmanian paper mill.

The Kinder & Co customer used the K-MotorShield motor covers to increase operational productivity.

Boyer Paper Mill, Tasmania is responsible for the supply of approx 600,000 tonnes of paper to publishers and commercial printers throughout Australia.  The paper mill at Boyer uses 100% plantation softwood to produce about 40% of the paper used in Australian news print production as well as exports.

Sustainability including waste management is a major focus area for the mill. The paper mill was previously using a customised metal covering to try and prevent the pulp building up on their motors, which in turn would reduce airflow over the cooling fins and result in a significant rise in bearing temperatures.

On overheating, the motor would need to be rewound twice as frequently as a clean motor with free airflow, which was considered a necessary but inefficient manpower issue.

The metal covers caused constant maintenance stoppages, and also needed regular washdowns, which resulted in rust problems, requiring the covers to be replaced on an ongoing basis.

The K-MotorShield motor covers from Kinder & Co are made of fibreglass, making them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and install. The highly efficient and low maintenance motor covers keep the motors pulp-free and prevent them from running hot.

K-MotorShield motor covers are used in several industries including mines and minerals processing.

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