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Magnetic separators for the protection of crushing equipment

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Magnetic separators, from Kinder & Company create a powerful magnetic flux. They are used to protect vital process equipment downstream from damage while it produces a clean separated final product. This type of equipment includes primary jaw crushers, cone crushers , hammer mills and other tertiary crushers. At the same time it can effectively prevent long sharp metal shards from cutting, ripping or tearing conveyor belts.

The type and style of magnets used in industry will depend on its location within the process. Larger materials and deeper burden depth require larger magnetic to be operational. Magnets that are suspended over the belt are typically designed to remove large ferrous material such as hand held tools, iron scrap, machinery tips. But can also remove nails, wire, nuts and bolts from the process. Rare earth magnets are employed to remove fine metals such as iron flakes, pins and bits of wire. These rare earth magnetic have now been improved to the point that they even remove materials such as (stainless steel) which are only weakly magnetic.

To eliminate the possibility of downstream equipment damage it’s critical to remove ferrous impurities as early as possible. Therefore, magnetic separators should be installed at the beginning of the conveyor transport system. Magnetic separators can typically be designed to retrofit on any existing conveyor system, without the necessity of relocating major equipment. Magnetic separators are also used in combination with metal detectors to offer complete peace of mind. This will ensure that any metal material embedded or trapped in or under the ore that may escape the magnetic separator do not pass the metal detector. Once a metal detector is tripped, the conveyor will stop and human intervention is required. This will ensure no metal components end up in the process that will cause costly problems and down time.

In recent years, in order to satisfy the ever changing needs and requirements of the mining industry; new and improved magnetic separators had to be developed. Depending on the type of mineral being mined, the size of tramp irons occurring will vary. Hence, magnetic separators require varying degrees of magnetic flux power. These are separated into electro magnets and permanent magnets.

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