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Lightweight polymer rollers from Kinder & Co deliver multiple benefits to power plant

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article image K-Polymer Conveyor Rollers on site at Yallourn Power Station

K-Polymer conveyor rollers from Kinder & Co were supplied as a solution to the Yallourn Power Station to replace the existing steel rollers used for the conveyors carrying coal.

The four generation units at the Yallourn Power Station require 2,400 tonnes of brown coal every hour to boil water into superheated steam to drive four turbine generators. Given the intensity of the operations, the plant needed to change out 50 steel rollers each month on the conveyors rising from the ground floor to 14th floor in the power station.

Additionally, since the access was very steep and long, the steel rollers typically weighing 12kg each was becoming a manual handling issue with an ageing workforce.

Following an inspection of the power station’s operations, the Sales Engineering team at Kinder & Co suggested a change to the lightweight polymer rollers. After trialling the K-Polymer conveyor rollers, the power plant decided to replace all their steel rollers thanks to the multiple benefits delivered by the lightweight polymer rollers.

Offering high efficiency and reliability, the K-Polymer conveyor rollers completely eliminate the manual handling issues, while also minimising fire risk when compared to steel rollers. Additionally the polymer conveyor rollers are economically viable and recyclable, and also create much less noise, helping to improve the ambient working environment.

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