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Kinder & Co appointed as 4B Braime Elevator Components’ distributors

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Founded in 1985 by Neil and Christine Kinder, over the past 21 years, Kinder & Co has earned an reputation in the bulk solids materials handling industries.

Today, Kinder is recognised as a leading independent supplier and manufacturer of innovative and practical solutions to improve and maintain the running efficiency of conveyor and bulk materials handling equipment used to convey a variety of products that include ore, quarried products, grain, sugar, salt and coal.

With an intimate understanding of all heavy process industries, daily contact with maintenance, planning and procurement specialists keeps every member of the team tuned in to customer specific needs.

In the continuing endeavour to supply the ideal solutions to the industry, Kinder & Co has been appointed as exclusive distributors for the Australian Eastern States and New Zealand, of 4B Braime Elevator Components Ltd from the UK.

Founded in the UK in 1971, 4B has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Now, through its association with 4B, Kinder & Co will be able to offer a huge range of steel and plastic elevator buckets, elevator bolts, elevator belting, elevator belt fasteners, forged chain and sprockets.

4B share the same philosophy as Kinder, in believing that their additional services are just as important as the products themselves. So in association with 4B, Kinder now are able to also offer a design service for new bucket elevators and service or upgrades of existing machines.

Hazard monitoring equipment:

Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of equipment failure and consequent downtimes, so in addition to the elevator components, 4B also provides an extensive range of ATEX-certified hazard monitors, misalignment switches and bearing temperature monitors.

By constantly monitoring bearing temperature, it is possible to anticipate the point at which a bearing is going to stop working effectively. The HotBus Digital Serial Communication System from 4B offers customers a much simpler and cost effective way to approach continuous bearing temperature monitoring.

A serial network for continuous bearing temperature and remote sensor monitoring, the 4B HotBus digital monitoring system allows the different sensors in a plant to be connected into one network and to be displayed in real time on one output unit.

4B HotBus digital monitoring system is user friendly. 4B HotBus digital monitoring system comes with user adjustable alarm and shut down trip points, an easy to use logging and trending software and it gives the user the facility to enter his own sensor names. HotBus can also be used in conjunction with a graphical plant monitoring software called BusView. This allows users of the HotBus network to display their plant data in a more meaningful way, using photographic data plant schematics. Plant data can be captured into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and emails can be triggered for certain plant data or alarm conditions.

What is ATEX?

ATEX is named after the French ATmosphère EXplosif, which means explosive atmosphere and is the name commonly given to the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres and the standards of equipment and protective systems used in them. ATEX is based on the requirements of two European Directives.

1) Directive 99/92/EC (also known as ATEX 137 or the ATEX Workplace Directive) on the minimum requirements for improving the health and safety protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.

2) Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ATEX 95 or the ATEX Equipment Directive) on the approximation of the laws of Members States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The text of these Directives and EU produced supporting guidelines are available on the EU website.

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