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K-Superskirt Engineered Polyurethane from Kinder & Company

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K-Superskirt, available from Kinder & Company is designed to protect the surface of conveyor belts.  

K-Superskirt is an engineered polyurethane product that will outlast rubber in performance and durability.  

Designed to seal conveyor transfer points in many environments from wet clay to iron ore, K-Superskirt is made from high performance low friction polyurethane.  

The durability of K-Superskirt engineered polyurethane translates into lower maintenance and labour savings. Being non-porous, the product does not collect fines or other materials on the conveyor belt.  

K-Superskirt engineered polyurethane reduces drag on the motor’s horsepower and also lowers dust leakage.  

Key benefits of K-Superskirt engineered polyurethane

  • 60% less coefficient of friction than rubber
  • Reduces drag on motor horsepower used
  • Field tested with 8-10 times the wear life over quality rubber skirting
  • Non-porous material avoids collection of fines or other materials
  • Reduces dust leakage
  • High tensile strength
  • Low friction
  • Belt friendly
  • High abrasion resistance

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