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K-MotorShield motor covers from Kinder & Company

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K-MotorShield motor covers from Kinder & Company are a simple solution to assist in minimising motor maintenance and service costs. The cover is of proven design and installed worldwide in mines, minerals processing plants , power stations , quarries and pulp processing plants.

Dust, fine powder, slurry and spillage are the enemy of electric motor drives in bulk handling and process operations.

Environmental debris and particles can quickly destroy bearings, windings and brushes on expensive electric motors and add considerable to service, maintenance and repair bills. Process operations also run the risk of increased ignition hazard as contaminated motor bearings and windings can create dangerous operating temperatures.

While maintaining a pristine operating environment is the answer to optimising motor performance and longevity, it is not always possible. The nature of many bulk materials tasks means spillage and debris is almost inevitable while motor and drive positioning means collateral damage is commonplace.

K-MotorShield motor covers simplify maintenance by keeping debris away from motors and improving heat transfer efficiency from the motor’s cooling fins by increasing airflow by as much as 140 per cent.

Unlike heavy steel fabricated motor covers, K-MotorShield is constructed of durable, lightweight materials which allow easy handling by one person. They require little effort to snap into place to make installation and inspection easy.

K-MotorShield snap-on motor covers are available in a range of standard sizes for all NEMA frames and will not rust or corrode.

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