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Hopper liner monitors wear rate

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KINDER & Co has engineered a high performance liner for hoppers and bins to combat a major concern associated with this type of product - the need for wear rate monitoring.

K-Slide low friction lining includes the company's new 'Weartech' dual-tone-layered technology that alerts maintenance planners and engineers well in advance to schedule replacement lining material.

Being dual-toned-layered, K-Slide 'Weartech' simplifies monitoring in dark hoppers as the simple act of shining a torch into the bin will highlight worn sections when the contrasting underside colour begins to emerge.

"This has been developed in response to the major concern that plants have been shutting down in the middle of production cycles because hopper liner wear has hit managers and site superintendents by surprise," managing director Neil Kinder said.

"With this new Weartech technology, material ordering and labour planning is not affected and it keeps the potential for revenue loss to an absolute minimum. Basically, it takes another factor out of maintenance planning."

There are other series of the K-Slide product. Natural white, which is used in hoppers and bins working in closed or indoor environments not subjected to sunlight.

The UV-stabilised black version provides a long lifespan even after continuous operation exposed to direct sunlight.

Both have performance characteristics comparable to K-Slide Weartech, which is the only dual colour system on the market.

Made to provide a low co-efficient of friction, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, K-Slide operates on continuous service with most materials up to 85°C and those not fed into it by an excessively large or sharp feed force.

With a wide range of grades available, K-Slide suits most applications needing abrasion resistance, impact strength, UV stabilisation and anti-static properties and can be made in a wide range of thicknesses.

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