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Ensure the material stays, not strays

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Kinder and Co has introduced Dacon’s versatile conveyor hoods and covers made from G-90 galvanized steel, stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium.

Although not a one-design-fits-all product, the concept of the hood is applicable to all conveyors. Dacon hoods come in three basic styles and two models.

The 180° full hood provides maximum safety for personnel from moving parts and also extends the wear life of covered components such as idlers and the belt by protecting them from the weather. This hood type is efficient and environmentally friendly as it suppresses dust and reduces material loss from high winds. The hoods can also be locked down.

In addition, the full hood reduces noise, which makes it particularly useful for conveyors passing close to workers or communities.

The three-quarter hood uses the same design as the full hood, but has one side permanently opened at a 45° angle. The partial hood has both sides permanently opened at a 45° angle.

Options and accessories include windproof attachments that eliminate the need for bulky chains. While almost invisible, this V-shaped device sits on the middle of the support band and prevents the hood sheet from blowing over when being opened on windy days.

Corrugated wind guards can be installed on either side of the conveyor structure to shield the return belt from high winds. The panels themselves overlap to form a tight seal.

The hoods can be customised to suit the application, and are available in odd shapes for convex and concave areas, and can be extended down to cover the return belt.

Also available is flexible canvas hinged sections; holes in bands for pull cord eyebolts or sprinkler pipes; side mounting base plates; and holes for idler lubrication.

The standard model allows easy belt and idler maintenance by simply loosening the wing nuts on the opening side eyebolts, raising the hood and locking it into the retaining brackets.

The instant opening model offers the quickest method of access to the conveyor belt and idlers. The opening side of the hood is held into place by two 90° rods roll-formed into the end of the sheet, which can be quickly rotated and slipped into or out of a receiving hole in the support bands.

The hoods readily shed water and so provide years of rust-free service.

Kinder can install the system or a competent local contractor can do the job.

More info: (03) 9587 9244

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