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Conveyor transfer point impact cradle

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article image K-Sliderbed impact cradle.

KINDER & Co has developed a K-Sliderbed impact cradle for industries including fertiliser, mineral concentrates, cement, and wood chipping where high flow rates and deep drop points push conveyor supports to breaking point leading to product wastage.

Comprising a fabricated bed of parallel low friction UHMW polyethylene and composite rubber bars up to 400mm long, the K-Sliderbed cradle is designed to match any existing conveyor trough angle and load.

It allows the belt to be properly supported at impact loading points, cushioning the load, and providing a continuous flat surface on which the belt can travel so as to contain its load.

Equal stress distribution reduces wear and tear on the belt and leads to less frequent belt replacement.

In the fertiliser industry, for instance, the K-Slider has made simple but effective bulk materials handling improvement to further increase conveyor reliability at critical conveyor transfer points handling recycled single super phosphate discharged from hammermills.

Fertiliser product fed onto a belt conveyor, which can be around one metre wide, would nominally have K-Slider impact cradles installed about five metres apart.

In this configuration the system can readily handle a three metre drop height.

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