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Conveyor skirt clamp reduces spillage

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article image Kinder’s wedge clamp works with any standard skirting rubber.

AN attachment system for skirting rubber on conveyors is providing a low maintenance method of restricting product spillage as well as the time consumed in the rubber adjustment.

The K-Loc wedge skirt clamp - a product demanding such minimal downtime it can be routinely adjusted during minor plant outages - is demonstrating benefits on conveyors transporting almost every type of product.

Using a skirt retaining plate, the K-Loc clamp is set in place by a simple mounting system combining a lock mount, retaining pin and wedge device for fast adjustment when needed without special tools.

Manufactured for widespread conveyor use, K-Loc works with any standard skirting rubber up to 25mm thick and is easy to install, even in retrofit situations.

A sight slot allows maintenance personnel to see in advance when replacement rubber will be required, thus facilitating more workable maintenance schedules.

Each of three K-Loc clamp models - KL150, KL100, and KL75 - include a retainer plate length of 2400mm, mount centres at 400mm, six wedge sets, and has a respective retainer plate depth of 150mm, 10mm and 75mm.

"Plant management is well aware of the dangers associated with seepage of product from inadequate conveyor skirtings, especially as companies are now becoming more aware of dust borne diseases such as silicosis," Neil Kinder, managing director of K-Loc manufacturer Kinder & Co, said.

"K-Loc almost totally eliminates leakage of transferred product to halt the potential danger, while at the same time preventing clogging of conveyor rollers, and eliminating the common problem of spillage becoming large mounds beneath the system." Kinder & Co 03 9553 4533.

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