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Conveyor belts for steep inclines

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BULK materials handling products supplier Kinder & Co has formed an association with US conveyor belt specialist Cambelt International to provide solutions for elevating difficult material along steep inclines.

The association allows Kinder & Co to provide a greater range of conveyor solutions where materials such as chemical powders, woodchips, ores, fertilisers and hard rock for example, are being conveyed.

Two technologies are of interest -- CamWall and CamFlex.

CamWall is a flexible sidewall conveyor belting. With the sidewall, the cleat and the base belt are simultaneously moulded into a rugged one piece homogenous cured product that handles the stress inherent in flexing around pullies and being put under load.

In the past, this type of belt had to be moulded and cured as three separate components, then bonded together to form the desired configuration.

Historically, the single biggest problem with this type of belt construction has been delamination or separation of the sidewall and/or cleat from the base belt when put under pressure. CamWall's one-piece moulded construction has eliminated this problem.

CamWall can handle virtually any bulk material and offers the advantage of being able to convey horizontally and elevate at a steep angle of incline (60° and steeper) on a single, continuous belt.

Just like CamWall, the CamFlex has no joints that create an operational weakness. Where CamWall has latitudinal cleats, CamFlex has sturdy spikes to control difficult products (for example, soda ash during a loading or unloading process).

CamFlex fully moulded flexible sidewall belts are unconditionally guaranteed against delamination of the sidewall from the base belt as they do not come apart.

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