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AN alliance with Enmin Pty Ltd to nationally distribute its air cannon systems has completed the commitment by Kinder & Co to become the complete bulk solids flow solutions provider.

By adding Enmin products to its association with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene specialist Dotmar EPP, Kinder & Co. now covers all aspects of material flow problem solving.

It covers most industries including mining and quarrying, agriculture, wood processing, salt refining, fertiliser production, power generation and minerals processing.

Enmin products include air cannon systems, vibrators and airsweep bin discharge systems.

These products and alliances will help provide cost effective solutions to difficult material flow problems. With a complete choice of mechanical devices and low friction surface linings, a suitable, cost effective and practical outcome can be achieved.

Kinder & Co managing director Neil Kinder says the alliance with Enmin means the company is fully equipped not just to analyse a path of correction for any type of bulk solids flow problem but to also supply a complete solution.

"This is a perfect supplier alliance between three Australian companies allowing us to effectively offer the most appropriate product for the application."

Enmin products covered under the marketing arrangement with Kinder & Co include:

· High frequency vibratory motors that offer high performances at low operating temperatures.

· Pneumatic, hydraulic, dc, and rotary air vibrators that are compact and lightweight.

· Linear piston and rotary ball to promote the flow of dry, bulk solids material in hazardous areas that is ideal for atmospheres containing explosive dust.

· Airsweep bin discharge system using powerful pulses of air are directed between the material and wall to sweep and lift material off the sloping surface.

Enmin air cannons provide a quiet and efficient method of fluidising compacted materials, breaking the bond between particles, as well as storage vessel walls.

By strategically placing the air cannons, the most tenacious materials will flow from stockpiles, large silos or small storage hoppers.

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