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Belt support system eliminates downtime

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article image Kinder K-Sure belt support system.

IN a major bulk handling revamp at the processing plant of one of Australia's largest woodchip exporters, a Kinder K-Sure belt support system has replaced standard trough idlers to almost eliminate the potential for downtime on an important conveyor feed point.

Exporting the woodchip for high-grade paper production, the company specified the K-Sure Belt Support system be incorporated in the solution design to eliminate conveyor downtime.

The new belt support system is located under a side entry hopper where processed chips can be fed directly by front end loader into the main flow, by-passing the chipping system.

As the K-Sure belt support concept had been proven on two other major conveyor transfer points at this company over a number of years, it was clear they would work at this specific location where the loader bucket dumped product into the side loading hopper.

Using parallel bars of special purpose UHMW plastic with a very low coefficient of friction, this belt support system optimises performance of the belt conveyor systems.

Conveyor flow rates have now significantly increased to allow faster transfer into the sea freight vessel. Kinder & Co 03 9553 4533.

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