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Two New Vices from Kincrome Australia for Trade, DIY and Renovation Projects

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Kincrome Australia  introduces two new vice products for use in trade, home DIY and renovation projects.  

Professional quality tools supplier Kincrome has released two new portable vices designed to hold materials fast and tight, allowing the user to hold the material in place while working, to prevent it from moving or spinning.  

The two new vices, Plate Vice and Timber Lok can be used on a range of building materials. The triangular Plate Vice and square Timber Lok both include cut-out holes to fit multiple types of material, securely elevating the materials off the ground for cutting, drilling, smoothing or finishing in a tight vice grip.  

The vices can be used on any building material including timber lengths and studs, PVC pipes, steel pipes and metal columns, plastics, rebar, laminate materials, conduit, steel as well as copper tubing from short to long lengths.  

The versatility of these vices allows them to be carried around on any job.  

Quicker and easier than conventional vices and workbenches, these portable vices are highly visible by colour, making them easy to locate onsite. The lightweight and durable vices also include a measuring rule to make jobs easier onsite.  

Kincrome Plate Vice and Timber Lok are now available at leading hardware stores.

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