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Kimseed  offers soil conservation and establishment technologies and pasture seed for revegetation of arid areas. Kimseed supplies native seed and offers a provision of environmental and revegetation-related products and services to both the Australian as well as International market place. Kimseed has increased its design and workshop capabilities that enable them to manufacture a wide variety of high quality items starting from famous seed processing equipment, specialist equipment for mining companies right up to a sophisticated TV camera mount for helicopters for local broadcasting company, or a useful helicopter ground mover or ground handling trolley.

Kimseed offers products such as Vac Harvester, Vac Separator, Cone seeding unit, Helicopter Trolley, TV Camera Mount, Cone Seeder, Aluminium Sieves. The Vac Harvester are portable machine that are developed to pick up seeds or pods, burr from a diverse variety of seeds including medics, clovers, saltbush, bluebush, acacias and some seed grasses directly from the plant or ground. The Vac Harvester seeds are collected through 75 millimeter suction hose, that gently drops the seed into a 200 Liter drum.

Vac Harvester encompasses features such as robust construction and heavy duty off road, trailer with protected electric wiring, powerful suction action can collect ripened seed directly from the shrub, heavy duty 75 millimeter diameter. polyurethane suction hose into 10 meter long, large capacity 3 into 200l drums, portable cyclone attaches to the top of drum, kimseed aluminium sieves, 20-l steel fuel can in lockup compartment, diameter 75 millimeter polyurethane into 10 millimeter suction hose.

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