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Tamper proof key rings available from Keywatch Systems

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Keywatch Systems introduce Tamper proof key rings to ensure peace of mind over the security of keys. Tamperproof key rings are the economical choice for the demanding security professional.

Using only the hand, an easy close-and-lock system requires only the power of the hand to seal it shut. Tamper proof key rings has the tamper proof design which ensures keys cannot be removed.

Proof key rings are constructed from 5/32" of high quality, stainless steel and the only way a perpetrator can get the keys off the key ring is to use a hacksaw or some other extreme cutting measure that renders the key ring defective and tamper evident.

Tamper proof key rings are available in different ring size diameters for a varying amount of keys. They are the perfect replacement for unreliable welded rings or conventional split rings.

Tamper proof key rings all have coloured sealing hubs that lock the key ring firmly in place. The hubs come in six different colours for security and departmental coding purposes. The hubs can be replaced allowing the original tamper proof key ring to be reused again and again.

To prevent unauthorised substitutions, the serialised hubs also have unique identification numbers.

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