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COMPANIES that take in whatever orders they can get without first figuring out whether they can produce them on time are asking for chaos, says Keyvak Pty Ltd . This approach often leads to confusion and ultimately loss of efficiency and profits.

One department may have a job nearly finished and told to stop work to start on a new rush order. The result is that no jobs get finished that day resulting in overtime being worked with less work available during normal working hours.

This company will find that very few jobs become delivered on time. Production planning staff will make lists of what is required each day but what they are saying is they are asking shop floor staff to keep them out of trouble with these wish lists that are not even related to what can actually be produced on a given day.

Shop floor staff say they can only do so much. The inevitable result is jobs are carried over from one day to the following days.

When there is a schedule conflict, we go for the most important customer, being the one who gives us the most work and has been with us the longest time. The flaw in that theory is that we are ignoring the potential of a new customer and will never know if they leave us and find a supplier who can get their work done on time.

Entry level production planning and scheduling software called The Planner, supplied by Keyvak Pty Ltd, is low cost of implementation and can improve production planning and scheduling issues fast.

In production communication between departments can be a crucial issue in some businesses. Schedulers need a visual aid and they need a large amount of information displayed so the information can be turned into understanding.

Its not too easy to keep schedules and linked jobs in one’s head especially when jobs are multiple part and multiple operations.

Keyvak's production scheduling software, The Planner, fits into the culture of any business with little or no disruption to existing shop floor planning and scheduling systems.

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