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Key Solutions Group  works as an exclusive sales and marketing agency for leading global brands of processing and mining equipment, aligning with independent manufacturers of equipment identified by hallmarks of quality, innovation, customer focus and security. Inbye mining services is a staunchly independent manufacturer of longwall conveying equipment, and represents many of Europe’s premier longwall equipment suppliers such as AFC & BSL Conveyors is one of the Australian designed as well as made for high capacity longwall applications, Kettenwerk Becker Prunte (KBP) Mining Chain is manufactured in Germany’s most modern chain manufacturing plant.

KBP encompasses a diverse range of chain and flight bars for mining applications, Hippenstiel Sprockets is German manufactured chain drive sprockets for high powered plow drives and face conveyors. TAGOR Roof Supports as a part of Poland’s largest mining equipment and technology company (ZZM-Kopex) Tagor manufactures roof supports to their own designs, in addition to being a major fabrication supplier to DBT and Joy, Tiefenbach Electro-Hydraulic Controls is a Germany manufactured roof support controls as well as various other intrinsically safe components for the global mining industry. In addition to exclusive representation of leading Australian and international manufacturers, Key Solutions Group represents a growing range of innovative niche products.

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