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Shampoo machines and pressure cleaners from Kerrick Industrial Equipment

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Kerrick Industrial Equipment  offers the shampoo machines that are mainly used in garages, hotels and motels, and rest homes. The Garage Car Detailer is suitable for upholstery shampooing in cars. The model is equipped with a hose of 8m length. The Grace, Sabrina, Sabrina Maxi, Lava-Multi Purpose Cleaner, Scup Car Detailer, Riviera Carpet Eextractor, Elite Silent Plus and Breeze are some of the shampoo machine models available from Kerrick Industrial Equipment.  

Cold water electric pressure cleaners available from Kerrick Industrial Equipment are used in small workshops and automotive centres. The ThunderWash model is rather new in Kerrick Industrial Equipment’s portfolio and is suitable for homeowners and tradesmen. This model is equipped with the auto stop feature, brass pump, detergent tank and a portable trolley. The JuniorWash Water Blaster model of cold water electric pressure cleaner is useful for home handymen. This model is applicable for cleaning boats, pools or docks, four wheelers and homes. The maximum water supply temperature achievable is 50 degrees centigrade and the model weighs 12 kg and operates at a pressure of 120 Bar.  

Cold water petrol pressure cleaners are used in building maintenance, hobby farms, transport and agriculture. The HI 3012 model is said to be useful for tradesmen. The weight of the model is 63 kg and water flow is at 12 litres per minute. The BE 2010M model is used in farms and buildings. This model operates at a water flow rate of 10 litres per minute and a pressure of 138 Bar.

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