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Commercial vacuum cleaners from Kerrick Industrial Equipment

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Kerrick Industrial Equipment  is Australia’s cleaning equipment supplier. Kerrick Industrial Equipment provides a range of industrial and commercial pressure cleaners and vacuum cleaners. Kerrick Industrial Equipment also supplies high-pressure pumps in a wide range.

Vacuum cleaners for applications in commercial and industrial areas, and specialist vacuum cleaners are available from Kerrick Industrial Equipment. The commercial vacuum cleaners of Kerrick Industrial Equipment are mainly used for car cleaning, and in offices, schools, warehouses, engineering sectors, motels and hotels.

The Commercial Vacuum 623 has a PHD tank with 90L of total capacity. The vacuum cleaner model is equipped with a liquid level control valve and is supplied with all the standard tools. The Commercial Vacuum 640 has a stainless steel tank of 78L capacity. The air flow rate for this model is 510 cubic metres per hour. The Commercial Vacuum 503 MEC and Commercial Vacuum 503 PL are hired extensively for commercial use. These models have corrosion resistant tanks. The 503 PL model has a PHD tank while the 503MEC model has a stainless steel tank. The capacities of the 503MEC and 503PL models are 32lLand 50L respectively and air flow rates are at 215 cubic metres per hour for both models.

Other commercial vacuum cleaner models from Kerrick Industrial Equipment are Leo Dry, Roky Wet/Dry, 640 PL, 503 Koala TC, Europa 429 Castor Base, Roky 423 and 623 PL Pumpout. The specialist vacuum cleaner range from Kerrick Industrial Equipment includes the Backpack, RX380 HEPA Upright, Hospital Vac, Haz Vac KV50/2 and and Haz Vac VH320HAZ hazardous vacuum cleaners.

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