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Smart tip from 'subbies'

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article image Glen Hannon with one of Kennards' little tippers.
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GLEN Hannon is building his business, Enduroturf, on the back of advice he received from sub-contractors when he started out two years ago.

"The subbies warned me not to go out and buy all the equipment I needed, because every job is different," Glen recalled.

"They said I should look at hiring, instead of blowing all my capital on gear I might not need all the time.

"It was good advice. For instance, I might use a Dingo for three hours every third job - what's the point of it lying idle in between?"

Enduroturf, which is based in Brisbane but operates Australia-wide, supplies and installs synthetic putting greens and synthetic lawns.

"They are the latest addition to the upmarket home market, competing with swimming pools and tennis courts," Glen said. "The quality is as good as what you find on a real golf course, without the expensive maintenance."

Glen said he used Kennards because of the quality and reliability of equipment, and the spread of branches.

"Kennards has a good image," he said. "We are working at exclusive homes, resorts and similar places, and we can't afford to be embarrassed by equipment which looks rundown, or breaks down.

"The fact Kennards has so many locations is a real plus. We have been able to gradually expand interstate, and take on jobs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide all because of Kennards.

"The opening of branches in North Queensland (Cairns, Townsville and Mackay) has provided us with further opportunities.

"We know we can get all the equipment we need...plate compactors, pedestrian rollers, trench diggers, Dingos and trucks.

"The two-tonne tippers are very good because any of our guys can drive them as long as they have a car licence, which gives us a lot of flexibility."

Kennards Hire has 78 centres across Australia.

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