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FOR the biggest range of saws for hire, you can't go past Kennards . With a large network of hire centres across Australia, Kennards has saws for cutting everything from timber, metal, bricks and concrete to quarry stone, ceramic, slate and terrazzo.

Options include: brick saws, chain saws, circular saws, cold cut saws, concrete saws, demolition saws, diamond saws, hack saws, jig saws, metal cutting saws, metal drop saws, mitre saws, radial arm saws, sabre (Recipro) saws and tile saws.

Apart from quantity, Kennards Hire offers customers saws of the highest quality, which are carefully maintained to ensure reliability.

Saws for cutting timber

Electric-powered circular saws are among a tradesman's best friends. Used for cutting timber for fencing, flooring, framing and joinery they have a 225mm (9”) blade and cut to 85mm (3 ¼”) deep.

Electric jig saws are used for cutting curves, to a depth of 50mm (2”), while electric radial arm saws will cut mitres, bevels and compound angles up to 75mm (3”) thick.

Mitre saws are used for fine timber work, joinery and shopfitting, while, for "hard to get to" places, sabre (Recipro) saws are the answer.

Saws for cutting trees

Kennards' petrol and electric powered chain saws are available in two sizes, to cover everything from trimming shrubs to cutting down big trees, where approved. Chain saws have either a 300mm (12”) or 450mm (18”) bar.

Also available are electric and petrol pole pruners, with chain saws attached, for reaching high branches.

Saws for cutting steel

Electric metal drop saws, which have a 300mm (12”) blade, will cut tubes, rods and other steel items, at angles if required, to 95mm (3 ¼”).

Cold cut saws and cold cut drop saws, with a 305mm tungsten blade, are designed for cutting mild steel pipe, angle iron, tubing, conduit and other channels. They provide clean, virtually burr free cuts, without sparks. Also available are jig saws and sabre (Recipro) saws.

Saws for cutting concrete

Kennards Hire has new, lightweight saws for cutting driveways, paths and patio floors. These saws, which are more compact than traditional models, are ideal for removing small sections of concrete.

Weighing 42kg, the saws are powered by a 4-stroke engine and can cut through all types of concrete to a depth of 110mm.

For cutting through concrete or brick walls, Kennards has heavy-duty demolition saws.

Saws for cutting tiles

With the trend to large tiles, contractors like the precision offered by two new saws, which are suitable for everything from ceramic (including porcelain) to stone (granite, marble, slate).

The larger model cuts tiles up to 670mm square, with a diagonal cut of up to 950mm, while the smaller model is used mainly for ceramic tiles up to 550mm.

Diamond saws are available for cutting quarry, ceramic tiles, slate and terrazzo.

Kennards Hire has 78 hire centres across Australia.

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