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Retractable fall arrestor available from Kennards Hire

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A new, retractable fall arrestor, which works in a similar way to a car seat belt, is available from Kennards Hire. The European-manufactured fall arrestor, or inertia reel, is compact and light.

The fall arrestor is used with a roof harness as an alternative to rope. Whereas rope needs to be continually adjusted, the 4mm galvanised steel cable in the fall arrestor adjusts automatically. One end of the 16 metre long cable is secured to an anchor, while the other snaps on to the D-ring on the body harness.

As the user moves up and down, the cable is held taut by the retraction spring in the device.

If the user falls, then internal locking system stops the unreeling of the cable by activating a calibrated brake.

It is important that the anchor point be located overhead of the operator and lie in the vertical access (up to 40 degrees) of the work surface. A webbing strap is supplied to provide more flexibility in anchoring the device and also to extend the area of movement.

Fall arrestors are available from select Kennards Hire locations, as well as from Specialist Division, Kennards Lift & Shift, which has locations in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong.

Roof harness kits are available across the Kennards Hire branch network. These kits have adjustable strapping for comfort and fit, with a purpose-designed E531 harness with rear and side D-ring attachments. The kit includes a harness, rope adjustor, 15 metre lanyard, shock absorbing strap, anchor strap, carry case and full user instruction.

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