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It is not everyone needs, wants or can afford to buy an air conditioning unit for their home.

But, there are periods such as hot spells or special celebrations, or when a family member is ill or studying, when it may be great to cool a room or two.
Kennards Hire, with 92 locations across Australia, has portable air conditioners for such occasions.

Dimplex units, which are particularly good for bedrooms, studies and small offices,  operate quietly and effectively without the need for costly installation.

Hot air is discharged through a two-metre long flexible hose, which fits into a special window bracket.

Dimplex units are fitted with a nine-hour timer, with automatic switch-off and have variable thermostat control.

Dimplex units are compact, weigh only 28kg, and can be wheeled easily from room to room.

Electric fans and evaporative air coolers can also be hired.

Kennards has also introduced a large, new portable air conditioner for use in offices, shops, and other large work areas.

The portable air conditioners can cool an area of up to 40 sq m with air discharged from twin flexible outlets, which can be extended to eight metres.

The portable air conditioners are super quiet, and the only maintenance required is to empty a bucket of water each day.

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