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Pipe and cable locators introduced by Kennards

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Kennards Hire has introduced laser levels, pipe and cable locators and pipe cameras expanding its range of specialist equipment to assist with pipe laying, pipe detection and pipe damage analysis.

The pipe laser level has a range of up to 200 metres, and is quick and simple to set up. The pipe laser level rarely takes more than 10 seconds from power on to full accuracy.

A built-in battery has a long operating life, with a full seven-hour charge providing more than a working week’s operation. In emergencies, 30 minutes of charge will give a full day’s use. The pipe laser level can also be powered off an external battery.

Kennards’ pipe and cable locator is a lot simpler to use than some earlier models. The pipe and cable locator includes a CAT (cable avoidance tool) and Genny, which can be used to a depth of just under a metre.

Used by itself, the CAT will pick up signals naturally radiating from metallic services. It will detect telephone lines, water pipe and galvanised pipe, but not PVC pipe unless it has metal inside. To locate a blockage or track the root of PVC pipes, a drain snake cable makes an ideal tracer for the CAT to locate.

A Genny can also be used with the CAT to locate the route of a particular cable. The Genny is attached to a section of the pipe and then emits a distinctive signal which is picked up by the CAT.

The waterproof and rugged colour camera head, with a diameter of only 22mm, can easily be pushed through bends of 90 degrees even in small pipe diameters of 40mm.

The push rod with metric markings makes it simple to find the exact position of damage.

The TFT monitor provides brilliant pictures which can be documented on video recorder and multimedia recorder or to a laptop via the video out connector.

The pipe camera is used to analyse damage in water, sewage and drainage pipes from 40mm to 150mm in diameter. For unknown pipe courses the system is optionally available with an RF (radio frequency) locator.

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