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Kennards Hire targets on reviving drought-ravaged lawns

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Timing could be the key to reviving drought-ravaged lawns this spring.


While a powered corer can easily be hired to aerate lawns, the machine will struggle to penetrate if the ground is rock hard.


Kennards Hire normally recommends giving the ground a good soaking, before starting the job. However, with water restrictions in place, the idea is to keep an eye on the weather forecast, and be ready so that, when rain does fall, you can jump in and do the job immediately. With others likely to have the same idea, it could even be worthwhile booking a machine for when rain is expected. By aerating at the right time, less water will be needed to maintain lawns during the long, hot summer months.


According to Kennards Hire, aeration broke up compacted roots, and allowed water and fertiliser speedy access. Petrol-powered corers have rotating hollow spikes, which not only pierce the ground, but extract full-length plugs of soil, which are deposited on the top of the grass. The lawn is then fertilised and hosed, and the plugs of soil are raked across as top dressing.


Kennards’ other equipment for spring projects includes lawn dethatchers, rotary hoes, turf cutters, chipper-mulchers, pole pruners, chainsaws, stump grinders, log splitters, scrub cutters, slasher mowers and lawnmowers.

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