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Fencing for a few days or fifty years

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WHEN it comes to fencing, whether it is temporary or permanent fencing, Kennards Hire is the place to go. From a large network of hire centres across Australia, Kennards can provide temporary fencing, as well as all the equipment needed to erect permanent fencing.

Temporary fencing

Kennards Hire specialises in fencing for small jobs, while still being able to handle large orders.

Some fencing suppliers impose a minimum quantity, but Kennards customers can hire as little as one or two fencing panels.

The quality, Australian-made fencing panels are 2.3m wide, quick and easy to erect, and can be configured in many ways.

Concrete blocks, which hold the fencing panels, have six holes to facilitate connections.

Fencing hirers can choose to either pick-up the fencing themselves or have the fencing delivered.

Permanent fencing

Kennards Hire has all the equipment needed by trade contractors or home improvers to erect timber or steel fencing. This includes posthole diggers, saws for cutting timber and steel, and nail guns.

Kennards supplies only the highest quality fencing tools, which are maintained to a very high standard to ensure reliability for fencing hirers.

Four options are available for digging post holes for fencing. Three of the post hole diggers can be operated by a single fencing worker. They include large and small, motorised, one-man posthole diggers and a manual, one-man posthole digger. The fourth option is a two-man posthole digger, which has long been a popular item with fencing contractors.

For cutting timber posts and rails for fencing, Kennards Hire has circular saws, with a 225mm (9”) blade, which cuts to 85mm (3 ¼”) deep. For cutting Colorbond light steel fencing, electric cold cut saws can be hired. A specially designed tungsten blade enables fencing panels to be cut very accurately without sparks.

For securing palings on fencing jobs, Kennards Hire has modern, air-operated nailing guns. Duo Fast nail guns carry 300 nails in their magazine, meaning that a large section of fencing can be done without the need to refill. A choice of nails is available to meet differing fencing needs. Air-powered and cordless frame nailing guns can also be used on hardwood fencing posts and railings.

Kennards Hire has 78 hire centres across Australia.

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