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article image Kennametal’s KSOM octagonal insert face mill

KENNAMETAL has introduced a new line of KSOM octagonal insert face mills. They provide substantial productivity gains, ranging from double to triple conventional levels on a wide range of applications.

The inserts in the new cutters have a 3/4” inscribed circle and are 1/4” thick. This makes them strong enough for heavy cuts. The insert pockets are made of tool steel that is machined in the hardened state, so they won't deflect. The cutters have both a screw and a finger-clamp to keep the inserts from moving, even under extremely cutting high forces. The cutters can be fed at up to 0.03” feed per tooth (fpt), compared to only 0.012” fpt for competitive cutters.

The cutters also have a high positive rake angle, which reduces cutting forces and makes it possible to achieve productivity gains on machines with limited horsepower.

Tests showed large gains in productivity and tool life on a wide range of applications. In machining profiles in high alloy steel railway tracks, the maximum feed rate with a competitive cutter was 73” a minute. KSOM cutters increased the feed rate to 200” a minute while still increasing tool life by 30%. Another application involved machining low carbon steel. A 6” diameter KSOM cutter allowed the feed rate to be increased to from 26” to 91” a minute.

The greatest savings with KSOM cutters usually come from increasing feed rates because this can provide large savings in machine time. In cases where feed rates can't be increased, such as with low horsepower machines, the new cutters can provide substantial tool-life gains. Machining ductile iron they provided 160 minutes of cutting time per edge while competitive cutters only offered 40 minutes. The new cutters also provide eight cutting edges per insert, with most competitive cutters offering four.

The new cutters are available in diameters from 2.5” to 6”, with a 22° axial rake angle and a 45° lead angle. They are offered in four different grades. KC935M is an aluminum oxide coated grade that offers extremely high cutting speeds. This provides significant productivity gains on a wide range of ferrous materials. KC522M is a titanium aluminum nitride coated grade. It is designed for cutting higher strength materials, like stainless steels, tool steels and high temperature alloys. KC915M is designed for semifinishing to roughing of cast iron and ductile irons and offers thicker, multilayer coatings for longer tool life. KC520M is a TiAlN coated grade designed for slower cutting speeds on cast and ductile irons. It enables wet milling of these materials.

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