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NOVO from Kennametal expanding capabilities, providing productivity improvement

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article image Real-world productivity with NOVO

Kennametal Australia has released the latest version of its NOVO digital tool and process planning application featuring enhanced capabilities.

An advanced digital tool selector and process planner with real-world productivity results, NOVO was launched in 2013, with Kennametal’s digital tool and process planning application continuing to add process capability to meet growing needs.

The new NOVO Version 1.3 connects via the cloud to tool management, e-commerce, and other shop systems, reducing data errors and eliminating non-value-added data transfer efforts.

John Jacko, vice president and chief marketing officer at Kennametal explains that a key objective for the NOVO application from the beginning has been to provide an open-source system that interacts seamlessly with shop systems needing to leverage cutting tool data and machining knowledge for productivity improvement. Connecting to Kennametal’s ToolBOSS tool management system via the cloud and streamlining input into Kennametal’s e-commerce system are product enhancements that are turning their vision for NOVO into reality.

Since the 2013 launch of NOVO’s original Tool Selector, Tool Configurator, Tool Advisor, and Job functions, NOVO has added connectivity to E-commerce, easy ISO 13399 exports, and seamless integration to the ToolBOSS tool management system via the Machining Cloud.

For instance, NOVO users can request a price quote from their local Kennametal Distribution Partners by transferring their shopping cart list to them via the ‘Request Quote’ button. The distributor will receive a notification with complete details of the items and requestor information to respond. A new pop-up also makes it easy to add spares and other individual items to existing shopping carts.

ToolBOSS users on the cloud with the latest software version can now use NOVO to see if an item proposed for a process plan is already available in their ToolBOSS inventory, making both plans and budgets more efficient. Customer part numbers are automatically populated in NOVO Tool Advisor results and Tool Availability pop-ups via the ToolBOSS database.

Chris Merlin, Marketing Manager for the Virtual Machining initiative at Kennametal explains that customers can add ToolBOSS credentials to their user profile, enabling them to easily check the inventory in their local ToolBOSS units with their developing process plans.

Users can leverage NOVO via the tablet of their choice, increasing mobility and access to their tool list from Android and Windows tablet devices. This capability also makes it easy for people working on the shop floor with tablets to collaborate with process planners in other departments.

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