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KENNAMETAL has introduced new chamfering rings, a spotting drill with built-in chamfering capabilities, and the KC7315 grade for its KSEM line of modular carbide drills.

The new chamfering ring can produce chamfers up to 1.5mm. The key advantage of the new chamfering ring and spotting tool is that they can be used to drill and chamfer in a single operation. This reduces cycle time as well as tooling costs and inventory.

The chamfering ring can be positioned anywhere along the body of the KSEM drills in order to control hole depth. A typical application is to prepare a hole for tapping in a single operation. The chamfering ring has two cartridges, each of which contains an insert with two cutting edges. Two grades are available for chamfering. Grade KC7215 is a physical vapour deposition (PVD) titanium aluminum oxide coated grade designed for machining low-carbon and alloy steels and cast irons. Grade KC7015 is a PVD titanium nitride coated grade designed for stainless steel and nonferrous materials. The rings are recommended for use in producing chamfers up to 1.5mm by 1.5mm.

The new spotting tool incorporates the chamfering inserts directly into the cutter body. The KSEM blade has a 150° included angle, compared to the 140° angle found in other KSEM drills. This provides better centring for the following cut. The spotting tool is also available without chamfering inserts and both styles are offered in the same 12.5mm to 40mm diameters as the rest of the KSEM line.

Blades are now available in the KC7315 grade. The grade has a PVD titanium aluminum oxide coating and an improved substrate for higher performance in machining alloy steels like 4140 steel. The KSEM line features HP geometry, offering a high positive rake angle. This improves penetration rates on Z-axis thrust-limited machines. It also features a sculptured edge drill point that cuts faster by avoiding the deformation generated by conventional drills. KSEM is the only modular drill system with a blade locking mechanism that is fully contained within the drill body. This removes the potential for damage from chips. KSEM drills are available in lengths of 3, 5, 7, and 10 times the hole diameter.

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