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article image High-insert-density cast and ductile iron face milling program.

KENNAMETAL has released a high-insert-density cast and ductile iron face milling program capable of high metal removal rates.

The 203.2mm cutter has 28 inserts, double-negative geometry, and positive rake insert topography. The M750 Hexacut milling program is suitable for transfer lines and high-performance machining centres, such as those with CAT50 taper and larger HSK spindles.

The program includes a 45º lead angle roughing cutter and three 30º lead angle cutters. There is a 30º lead angle roughing cutter and two 30º lead angle finishing and semifinishing cutters. One of the 30º lead angle finishing and semifinishing cutters is designed to provide reduced cutting pressure for lighter duty machines and thin wall parts.

The milling cutters are available in diameters from 80mm-315mm diameters. The larger diameter cutters feature a two-piece design, consisting of an adapter ring and a spindle plate, for easier handling. A 203.2mm cutter running at a chipload of 0.254mm will feed at 3.556mm a revolution so a 500 rpm spindle speed will provide a 3556mm/min feed rate.

The double negative geometry provides the strength needed for high metal removal rates while the positive insert topography reduces cutting pressures in order to lower horsepower requirements. The 45º lead angle cutter is the first choice for roughing operations because of its high strength while the 30º lead angle roughing cutter offers an alternative for reducing breakout and also accepts wiper inserts. The 203.2mm diameter, 30º lead angle semifinishing and finish cutters accept up to five wiper inserts while the 76.2mm cutters accept up to two. One of the two styles of 30º lead angle finishing cutters has the wiping facet offset slightly to reduce cutting pressure while the other style offers higher strength.

Kennametal offers a range of coated carbide grades for the M750 Hexacut milling program. All of them are engineered to give a high level of performance when machining cast and ductile irons. The TN5505, TN5515 and TN5520 are coated with a medium-temperature chemical vapour deposition multilayer coating designed for cast and ductile irons. The KYON3500, KC915M and KC935M grades provide high metal removal rates and increased productivity. KC915M is suited to milling cast irons at higher speeds. It offers a MTCVD multilayer coating for longer tool life. KYON 3500 ceramic inserts good productivity and tool life for cast iron milling due to its high-speed capability. KC935M is an aluminum-oxide-coated grade that offers high cutting speeds, providing significant productivity gains on a range of ferrous materials.

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