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Pressura room pressure monitors for operating rooms from Kenelec Scientific

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Operating rooms require monitoring of a slight positive pressure (+0.01" H2O, +2.5 Pa) so airborne bacterium does not enter the operating rooms and infect patients while in surgery. In addition, because of the importance to move air, it is necessary to have a high air change rate, and monitor the ACH.

The Pressura Room Pressure Monitors accept flow inputs from many different flow devices including flow stations and valves. The Pressura Room Pressure Monitors can then easily calculate ACH rates and can provide alarms if flows drop below design levels.

Additional Healthcare Room Pressure Applications:

  • Other rooms requiring pressurization include intensive care rooms, laboratories, burn units, bronchoscopy rooms, construction zones, food prep centers, laundry areas and more – the Pressura Room Pressure Monitors do it all.
  • Hospital Pharmacies: With USP <797>, pharmacies mixing sterile compounds are now considered clean areas and require pressurization and particle testing.
  • Pandemic Preparedness: With the properly designed, selected, and configured PRESSURA Room Pressure Monitor, changing from a normal hospital room to a negative room for a pandemic is just a switch away.

Pressura Room Pressure Monitors are available from Kenelec Scientific .

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