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Design Flexibility with FHC50 fume hood controllers

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TSI’s FHC50 Fume Hood Controllers, available from Kenelec Scientific provide impressive flexibility -

  • Direct velocity measurement: TSI’s precision measurement of face velocity, the important safety parameter, provides the basis for a simple closed-loop control system. If the velocity drops, alarms warn users of unsafe conditions. Thousands of researchers rely on TSI products to provide safety each and every day.
  • Complete configuration: Regardless of your preference of fume hood control method, TSI’s FHC50 Fume Hood Controllers provide the ability to completely configure the product in the field. Alarm options, display configurations, I/O alternatives, and network communications are all part of the offering.
  • Field configuration: A trained TSI technician makes it easy to configure the FHC50 Fume Hood Controllers for specific applications.
  • Sash position control: Using sash sensors to monitor sash position provides some unique opportunities to enhance fume hood control, including sash management and fast speed of response when sashes are moved.
  • Best of both words: By applying both a precision side-wall velocity sensor and a sash sensor, you are able to achieve the fastest response possible with the enhanced safety of measuring (and alarming on) the critical safety parameter of face velocity.

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