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Kelvindale offer standard and non standard cap plugs

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article image Kelvindale is a one stop shop for both standard and non standard cap plugs

Kelvindale Products is a one stop shop for both standard and non standard cap plugs, and offer the following range of cap plugs:

Centre-Pull Tab Caplug

Kelvindale’s new CTP series have the same style and configuration as our popular CP Series with an added centre-pull tab. This tab makes the cap easy to grasp when inserting or removing. The tab is fully moulded to the bottom and walls of the cap so it will not break off, allowing vertical removal without disturbing O-ring fittings.

Standard Caplugs

Kelvindale’s CP series of tapered Caplugs may be used to Cap or Plug threaded or plain holes, shafts or tubes. Contact Kelvindale for advice on fitment or suitability for your problem

Non Standard Caplugs

Caplugs may be manufactured in different colours or materials. They may also be cut, punched or slit. Contact Kelvindale for current lead times and cost.

Wide Flange Heavy Duty Caplugs

Kelvindale’s WW series are accepted by the aircraft and defence industries.They are designed with a wide, thick flange to insure against being erroneously forced through the hole when used as a plug. Available in a large size range and can be used as a plug or cap.

Shallow Tube Plug

Kelvindale's shallow tube plugs are designed to fit container tubes used for mailing, shipping or packaging. They fit snugly in the tube without excessive internal protrusion. The unique narrow flange helps minimise catching on overhanging projections.

Wide Flange Caplugs

Series W offer a wider flange than standard caplugs. This gives greater protection for bearing surfaces and helps prevent accidental “push through” during installation and whilst in use.

Lift-Tab Caplug

Kelvindale’s L series plugs offer the convenience of an integral lift-tab which facilitates their removal. Since the tab extends above the cap body, the tab is easy to grasp. This is particularly helpful with small plugs and those installed in tight or difficult to reach locations. The off-centre tag allows easy, instant withdrawal.

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