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article image galvanised cast iron fittings for tubular framework structures

KEE Klamp manufactures a range of galvanised cast iron fittings, allowing building contractors and architects to create tubular framework structures quickly. The fittings can be used for guardrailing, retail display racks, playground climbing frames, outdoor arena barriers, balustrading and roof edge protection systems.

The range includes easy to use, galvanised iron castings for the quick and simple connection of pre-cut lengths of standard tubing to form modular framework structures. All fittings incorporate an integral socket grub screw which locks the fitting securely onto its tube, eliminating the need for welding or specialist installation skills. This helps keep assembly time to a minimum and reduce costs. The grub-screws of all fittings incorporate the KeeKoat a corrosion-resistant coating.

The Slopes system is designed for guardrail construction on gradients. The fittings allow tubes to pivot in the barrel of the fitting, enabling continuous in-situ adjustment from 0° to 11°, the normal maximum gradient for an access ramp. The result is a clean, secure and trouble-free installation.

Add-on fittings provide a system for extending or changing an existing structure. The fittings use a tapered pin and hinge mechanism. This ensures that the hinged part of the fitting can be wrapped around the tube of an existing structure and then, using the tapered pin, clamped onto it. A standard tube is simply inserted into the fitting's open end, either in a straight line or at a 90° angle to extend the structure in the direction required. Once the correct angle is selected, each fitting's set screw simply needs to be tightened to lock it securely onto each respective tube, forming a strong, safe connection.

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