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Solving Pharmaceutical Shrinkage with Camera Security System from Kappalyn

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Kappalyn Technology Solutions  offers security systems designed to prevent stock shrinkage in pharmacies.  

In these days of hard-won profits, stock shrinkage caused by petty pilfering or outright shoplifting can make more than just a dent in the bottom line.  

A new camera security system from specialist company, Kappalyn Security has been designed to solve such problems.  

Kappalyn's ChemCam is a new supervisory camera system designed specifically for pharmacies.  

It acts as a second set of eyes for the pharmacist, supervising the store, staff and customers even when the principal is not physically present.  

Releasing the store owner from routine supervisory duties, ChemCam is a PC-based pharmacy security system that allows watching over a business in real-time, yet also stores the images for later review.  

Movement detection software means supervision is maintained on a 24-hour basis and security functions can sound an alarm and/or wake the system into recording mode.  

With ChemCam, every transaction can be supervised and recorded. If a script proves forged or faulty, a simple check back can be made to identify the presenter. If the store is robbed, the culprit's actions are captured for police investigation.  

A complete and affordable system, ChemCam is an inexpensive and foolproof addition to a pharmacist's insurance.  

Installation and Operation

The camera security system involves a simple installation and only requires the mounting of the camera in an appropriate spot in addition to running the cables for the camera.  

The security system is simple to operate and maintain.

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