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CCTV security cameras - Looking beyond just security surveillance

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CCTV security cameras can go beyond being just a security surveillance system. We have found through different instances that CCTV cameras can provide monitoring solutions that not only help with security control but general business monitoring.

For example, a distributor was having problems with client reports of short delivery. The owner was uncertain whether the problem existed at his end (with packaging) or the client’s end (pilfering by client’s staff).

Kappalyn’s  CCTV security solution was to set up a well-lit packing area which was then surrounded by 4 mini PTZ cameras.

We recommended PTZ camera as the packing can vary in bulk and size. Hence the CCTV security cameras could be programmed and adjusted according to the size of the order to be packaged e.g. several cartons to be wrapped on the wrapping machine up to large pallets.

Since the CCTV monitoring cameras have been installed the incidence of short delivery has been dramatically reduced.

Another Importer/distributor has 2 warehouses in separate physical locations. Having CCTV security cameras in both warehouses allows him to be aware of all shipments, packing and delivery activities in both warehouses, from his office, his home or from overseas.

The IP phone technology that was set up by Kappalyn, allows him to speak to his staff in a videophone mode or check out the warehouse activities while on his numerous overseas business trips. Thus the CCTV security cameras also improved productivity and a marked reduction in stock shrinkage.

Kappalyn continues to develop and expand its knowledge of the numerous and varied CCTV security camera products.

We investigate and study overseas trends and products so that when you consult Kappalyn about a CCTV security system, you can be assured you will be given the best and most up to date advice on a system that best suits your needs, whether it be in the school, retail or business environment.

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