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Alloy wires for thermal spraying

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KANTHAL AB , a leading supplier of resistance heating materials for industrial furnace and domestic appliance applications, has introduced a range of alloy wires for arc and flame spraying.

Designed to produce high deposit efficiency and bond strength, the Kanthal alloys cover applications ranging from high temperature oxidation and corrosion protection to build-up and bond coatings. There are eight different alloys in the range.

The two FeCrAI (iron-chromium-aluminium) and one FeCrAlY (iron-chromium-aluminium-yttrium) grades can be used to resist corrosive and sulphur bearing atmospheres and in applications demanding high temperature oxidation protection.

Alternatively, they can be used to resist heat and prevent scaling in low alloy steels.

An NiCr (nickel-chromium) grade and two NiCrFe (nickel-chromium-iron) grades with nickel contents ranging from 80% - 35% are used as protective coatings against corrosion and high temperature oxidation.

They are also used as build-up coatings on worn or out-of-tolerance components.

An additional NiAl (nickel-aluminium) wire is used typically as a bond coating. It is also used as a high temperature oxidation protection coating and for repair applications by restoring worn or damaged substrates.

The final grade - an NiFe (nickel-iron) alloy - has a particular application for coating moulds in the glass industry.

The Kanthal spray wire range is available in standard dimensions of 1.20 and 1.6mm, supplied tight wound on spools. Other wire diameters are available on request.

A technical data sheet is available which provides full details of chemical composition, melting temperatures, resistivity and density for each grade together with test results on key spraying characteristics.

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