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Skid steer loaders from Kanga Loaders

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The Kanga range of mini skid steer loaders designed and manufactured by Kanga Loaders based on its platform of advanced engineering has penetrated international markets, because these mini skid steer loaders embody high level of technical and functional features throughout their product range.

It is a culmination of nearly 30 years of research and development; where OH&S factors of each unit are given high priority to provide safer working performance for operators as well as a better return on investment.

Specifically, the technology has self-levelling bucket for safe, fast, and easy operation without load spillage, bucket roll back for load maximisation, minimal spillage, safe travelling, a better dump angle, and an open throat bucket to prevent wet material sticking.

Some less visible but equally important characteristics include greasable linkage pins with hardened steel bushes for longer life, no transmission chains or sprockets, and twin steel fuel tanks with 49 and 43 litre capacities for the “A” Series and 8 Series loaders respectively.

A more detailed inspection reveals impressive technical specifications such as the self-levelling bucket’s 500kg breakout force and 250kg to 340kg lift capacity for the “A” and “8 Series” loaders respectively, as well as rear digging capabilities.

Operation is simplified with smooth, user-friendly controls, a 72 and 92 litre hydraulic reservoir for the A and B series loaders respectively with dual pressure and return line filters to control oil condition for longer life.

Balanced lift points, ideal for lifting on and off transport, rooftops, or in and out of inaccessible places can even be used for transporting by helicopter, while excellent weight distribution requires no operational counter weights.

Hydraulic wheel motors inside the frame prevent damage to the hydraulic motor and pipes with longer shaft seal life due to the cleaner internal environment, and the all wheel drive configuration produces better traction with no transmission friction loss.

Various attachments ranging from vibrating ploughs, up to 30-inch augers, trenchers and rotary tillers to four-in-one buckets ensure Kanga is widely applicable for just about any site or application.

Even the handyman market is catered for; the versatile Kanga Kid, one of the company’s longstanding developments, has a 16 HP petrol or gas engine. Post-hole digging, rotor tilling, planting shrubs, sprinkler trenching, carrying, digging, and levelling are all easily accomplished without the backache.                                   

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