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New 8-series skid steer loader available from Kanga Loaders

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Kanga Loaders  has released its 8-series two-model line-up of dual-speed transmission, multi-task compact skid steer loaders designed and manufactured under the company’s advanced engineering practices.

As the inventor of the stand-on skid steer loader, Kanga has ensured the 8-series is engineered with emphasis on safety and ease of operation.

Powered by a 25 HP Kubota 905 diesel engine, the 8-series has more than enough power to accomplish tough tasks and has 30% more lifting capacity and even longer reach than other skid steer loaders on the market.

With a 330kg working load, 2030mm lift height, 1090mm maximum reach and a 900kg break-out force, the Kanga 8-series is large and more powerful in the Kanga range, with both models having stump pulling torque.

Finger-tip transmission speed selection shifts speeds up and down on the run ensuring the correct level of torque is engaged for varying applications as they arise; handling trenching, digging, post-holing and general cleaning up with ease.

Strictly adhering to government stipulated OHS guidelines, Kanga operates under World’s Best Practises incorporating Hand Arm Vibration Standards along with internationally recognised risk management studies and procedures and is successfully exporting, on a global level, to rapidly expanding markets.

At the heart of the Kanga 8-series’ advanced engineering are high standard features including self-levelling buckets which are limited to rating (wet gravel or sand) and have generous rollback limits which allow easy filling and safe transport without spillage.

Good machine balance and Kanga’s correctly sized buckets make it impossible for the operator to capsize the machine - fully loaded or without the bucket while the safety relief valve prevents unsafe loading of systems.

A perforated operator platform is non-slip and free from hot engine obstruction, while the soft-touch controls and easy-to-understand control panel minimise operator fatigue. Safety is further enhanced with the safety auxiliary cut-out.

The new loaders have no transmission chains or sprockets and are supplied with enclosed hydraulic wheel motors to prevent damage, while being easily accessible.

Diesel power offers enhanced capacity at the right budget, while a heavy-duty Donaldson air cleaner keeps the Kanga 8-series running in tough conditions.

Additional enhancements include lifetime maintenance-free hydraulic transmission, a quick hitch function that is hydraulically activated from the control panel, a two- speed transmission actuator and a hydraulic fluid sight gauge.

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