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Kanga Loaders adopts eco-friendly planning and design

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The recently announced association between skid-steer loader designer/builder Kanga Loaders and engine specialists Kubota Tractor Australia has developed one step further by moving into eco-friendly planning and design.

The two companies have committed to ongoing design and development for all new generations of Kanga Loaders’ skid steer loaders and other earthmoving equipment.

Also, the longstanding Australian company Kanga Loaders has resolved to find partnering opportunities in the public community and private sectors to help recycle and re-use material, and to educate the community to grow this applied concept.

"Kanga Loaders has already committed to helping develop it’s advanced engineering not just for the global industrial market, we are also positioning to steer into areas which pay high respect to the environment we live in," said Sales and Marketing Manager for the company, Mr Lars Ottosson.

"Just because we are in the business of making engine-powered materials handling and earthmoving machines, it doesn't mean we are absolved of any responsibility to ensure the environment is given the respect and prominence society demands”.

"By teaming with Kubota Tractor Australia, we are already aligned to develop the most non-polluting, eco-friendly diesel engines Australia has ever seen”.

"Design and development teams in both of our companies are now able to put their heads together to meet needs in emerging industries that look to boost recycling and reuse in a non-polluting way."

For Kubota Tractor Australia reduction of exhaust pollution has always been at the heart of its innovation and development strategy. All Kubota Tractor Australia products including tractors, ride-on mowers and mini excavators are fitted with this advanced technology and today, they are considered number one in their market segment.

Recognised worldwide, the innovative features of Kubota Tractor Australia industrial engines are geared to manufacturers who, while seeking performance and reliability, put environmental issues at the forefront of their business philosophy.

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