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Kaeser Compressors redesigns Aircenter systems

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Compressed air users have always benefited from cost-effective compressed air production, treatment and storage with Kaeser Compressors’ compact Aircenter systems. Completely redesigned and featuring the new technology, this product range has been further enhanced to provide numerous user advantages and good performance. The new generation Aircenter series from Kaeser Compressors redefines turnkey compressed air systems.

Compact compressed air systems such as Aircenter packages, require minimal space and ensure a reliable and cost-effective source of application-specific compressed air. In addition, planning and installation costs are also significantly lower compared with conventional systems. However, with Kaeser Compressors’ new Aircenter models, there are even more advantages.

At the heart of every Aircenter package is a compact SM rotary screw compressor, which has also been redesigned and optimised. With free air deliveries of 0.8, 1.2 and 1.5 m³/min at 8 bar; respectively, the three available models namely the SM 9, 12 and 15 each deliver even more compressed air than their predecessors (11 and 15 bar pressure versions are also available).

The SM 15 is a 9 kW model, which adds to the existing 5.5 and 7.5 kW versions. Furthermore, the SM 12 can be equipped with Kaeser Compressor’ SFC variable speed control, allowing compressor performance to be precisely matched to suit fluctuating compressed air demand. An integrated refrigeration dryer ensures reliable compressed air drying and is thermally shielded to prevent exposure to heat from the compressor package.

Air quality can also be exactly tailored to suit an application’s specific air needs with the use of an optionally available filter. The compressed air is stored in the 270-litre air receiver installed beneath the compressor.

All three modules namely the compressor, dryer and air receiver in Kaeser Compressors’ new Aircenter packages are enclosed within in a single housing, so that the whole system appears as one unit.

In keeping with the turnkey design, all Aircenter systems are ready for immediate operation once the unit has been connected to the mains supply and compressed air network. The striking anthracite-coloured housing cover on the front left of each unit is easy to remove and allows good component accessibility.

Combined with outstanding ease of maintenance, each Aircenter model represents new advances in air system performance and design. Every unit uses a flow optimised SIGMA PROFILE fluid-cooled airend and a EU EFF1-rated motor to guarantee good specific power with high energy efficiency. The motor and airend are connected via a V-belt drive system equipped with an automatic tensioning device. This not only ensures constant and efficient power transmission, but also significantly reduces maintenance requirement.

In addition, sound levels are approximately 5 dB (A) lower than previous models as a result of highly effective sound insulation and low airend speeds. Moreover, a high-efficiency cooling system provides the motor and fluid/compressed air coolers with fresh cooling air drawn in from the ambient surroundings to achieve low compressed air discharge temperatures.

The internal sigma control basic controller provides automatic system monitoring and precisely adjusts compressor performance to match actual compressed air demand. Models are also optionally available equipped with the sigma control, which allows connection to compressed air management systems.

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