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Wafer power mains from KaRaTec Power Supplies

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KaRaTec Power Supplies  offers power conversion solutions that are unique, innovative in design and development. The standard power conversion products from KaRaTec Power Supplies include "Genie Block" DC/DC convertors, “In Charge" series battery chargers, harden locomotive DC/DC convertor and Wafer Power supplies. The power supply products from KaRaTec Power Supplies are ideal for telecommunications, commercial, locomotive, military and gaming industries.

Wafer power mains from KaRaTec Power Supplies are the new range of power conversion product with input PSU. This wafer power mains input PSU from KaRaTec Power Supplies comes with 13.6 volt 2 ampere output and it has a battery backup input. Other features of this product include DCOK alarm and EMC compliances. This unit from KaRaTec Power Supplies is 16mm in thickness.

Hi-Rel Linear, P009 Telecom PSU, KRT175-PT Hi-Temp power brick and Mega linear PSU are the custom power conversion products offered by KaRaTec Power Supplies. Consultancy services like power system integration, power conversion and transient protection are also provided by KaRaTec Power Supplies, along with repair services for different types of UPS and PSUs. KaRaTec Power Supplies offers low profile encapsulate converter called "Genie Block" DC/DC convertors. This converter is versatile and reliable.

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