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DC/DC converters from KaRaTec Power Supplies

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KaRaTec Power Supplies  manufactures standard products. "Genie Block" DC/DC Convertors, “In Charge" series battery chargers, harden locomotive DC/DC convertor and Wafer Power are the standard products offered by KaRaTec Power Supplies.

Genie Block DC/DC converters offered by KaRaTec Power Supplies, is a low profile fully encapsulated converter. This Genie Block DC/DC converter is ideal even for harsh environmental conditions. This Genie Block DC/DC converter is available in two power levels 25W and 60W. It comes with an input range 12V, 24V and 48V and an output range of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. This converter is highly reliable and versatile.

Harden locomotive DC/DC converter from KaRaTec Power Supplies accepts power supplies from 60V to 130 V direct current input. This converter is completely encapsulated with an MIL type of connector for protection against the harsh environment. It also comes along with thermal and out put overload application and under voltage lock out devices.

InCharge 120 GDCS range of standard product offers 120 W of power to output DC bus. It can also charge the back up battery simultaneously. This device is incorporated with temperature compensation, user programmable charge topologies and battery protected devices.

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