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Custom power supply products from KaRaTec Power Supplies

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KaRaTec Power Supplies  manufactures and designs custom and standard power supply products ranging from mW to KW power supply units. These power supply products are used in automotive, military, telecommunication, gaming industry, RF application locomotive and commercial sectors.

Consultancy services like power system integration, power conversion and transient protection are also provided by KaRaTec Power Supplies, along with repair services for different types of UPS and PSUs.

Custom products supplied by KaRaTec Power Supplies include Hi-Rel Linear, P009 Telecom PSU, KRT175-PT Hi-Temp power brick and Mega linear PSU.

Hi-Rel Linear is a highly efficient Linear PSU which has a ‘low drop out schottky and FET’ design. It has a 120W power output operation has and an ultra low ripple. This product also has foldback protection against overload and is suitable for critical applications.

P009 Telecom PSU is a DC/DC type converter with telecom input range, it has six independent outputs. It also comes with an output sequential fault shutdown option. The diodes are in built and offer thermal protection.

KRT175-PT Hi-Temp power brick series from KaRaTec Power Supplies provide universal alternate current input with PFC front end. It comes with four independent outputs having 180 W and is thermally protected. The dimensions of this Hi-Temp power brick is 140 x 90 x 66mm.

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