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KUKA Robotics’ SmartGUI used for commanding KUKA robots

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KUKA Robotics ’ Graphical User Interface or SmartGUI is a productive method that enables humans to command a KUKA robot with a minimum of fuss.

Robots only work on instruction and the SmartGUI system enables that instruction to be straightforward and simple. Operation and control of a KUKA robot over a range of functions like handling, pick and place, manipulation and surface finishing tasks is immediately simplified through the use of graphically enhanced screen instructions.

KUKA Robotics’ SmartGUI can be tailored to various customer requirements, which means that operators can work with the robot without the need for lengthy or complicated training courses.

Only a short training schedule will enable operators to perform a wide range of operating instructions. All tools relevant to the given application are displayed on the interface screen with a simple program selection supported by easy-to-interpret icons.

For instance by pressing the ‘Homedrive’ button makes the robot move to its home position using a previously defined safe path.

Supported by graphic control elements, operators also have the ability to manipulate any point in a robot program within a user-defined tolerance range, thereby correcting points along the robot’s path.

Initially the interface must be loaded and implemented to suit specific applications such as machine tending and injection moulding through the use of KUKA Robotics’ SmartGUI Studio package.

KUKA Robotics’ SmartGUI libraries are included within the system with programming databases with predefined sub-functions, macros or program modules for specific applications. These allow fast, efficient and application oriented programming.

SmartGUI allows for a short start-up with the additional benefits of intuitive screen functions and quicker human response.

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