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KUKA Roboter launches two brand new industrial robots

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article image Kuka Roboter’s KR 5 arc robot for arc welding

KUKA Industrial Robots KR 5 arcEurope’s supplier of industrial robots has released two new arc welding robots: the KR 5 arc, a versatile and highly dynamic lightweight robot, and the KR 5 arc HW (Hollow Wrist).

KR 5 arc – functionally flexible

The KR 5 arc takes up little space and can be mounted on the floor or inverted on the ceiling. The KR 5 arc performs its tasks quickly and efficiently with high continuous-path accuracy. It boasts a working envelope of over 1400 mm. Its modular design makes it a cost-effective solution. With a payload of 5 kg and a supplementary load of 12 kg, the KR 5 arc is extremely flexible.

KR 5 arc HW

The KR 5 arc HW has a fluid supply system which is integrated in the arm. This protected routing of the dress package allows infinite rotation of of axis 6 without the need to reorientate the robot wrist during the work cycle. This feature improves component accessibility and provides optimal protection of the dress package, as well as simplifies offline programming. The torch connection hose pack of the KR 5 arc HW can be separated from the wire feeder and the rotary interface. Due to the use of standard plug-in connections, it can be fitted with all available welding equipment types. And just like any true welder, this member of the KUKA robot family is not troubled by tough working conditions.

No maintenance problems

Both robots are available with absolutely accurate calibration and team capability. The two KUKA newcomers are also equally rapid and precise in their operation. When it comes to maintenance, the new KUKA robots can have their oil changed without difficulty on all axes. An oil change is only necessary every 20,000 hours.

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