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KSB to unveil its new centrifugal pump speed controls at Hannover Messe

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article image KSB showcases its new PumpDrive for the first time at Hannover Messe 2014

KSB Australia announces that their motor-mounted speed control system for centrifugal pumps will be launched at this year's Hannover Messe show.

KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal will be debuting the latest version of the speed control system designed specifically for industrial applications to reduce energy costs by matching pump output to actual demand.

Since all parameters are preset at the factory based on the specific pump and motor data, commissioning the pump set can be done quickly. The centrifugal pump speed control system allows up to six PumpDrives to be connected via plug-in bus lines, enabling the user to operate six pumps in parallel. The system starts and stops the pump sets in line with demand while ensuring that the operating load is distributed evenly. It corrects the failure of individual components with no interruption.

A dynamic pressure setpoint compensation function simulates friction losses in the piping between pump and consumer. In a low flow operation, the pump only generates the discharge pressure required to compensate for the friction losses in the piping towards the consumer installation. This, in turn, provides for additional energy savings if it is not possible to take measurements at the point of lowest pressure.

Field bus modules are available in the Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, LON, BACnet TCP/IP, ProfiNet and Ethernet configurations. The integrated wireless module allows users to connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth to communicate with the system and configure settings as required. The application makes maintenance much easier to coordinate, expedites commissioning of the pump and offers an option for managing application-specific data records. The iPhone app can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes Store.

Key features of the KSB motor-mounted speed control system include integrated full motor protection with starting current and current limitation to eliminate the need for a star-delta starting configuration or a PTC thermistor tripping unit; a commissioning wizard to support users in meeting specific application requirements; and a USB interface integrated in the service connector for direct connection to a PC to enable fast data throughput.

The intelligent PumpMeter developed by KSB can be easily connected using the available bus system as an option. The sensor records the current suction, discharge and differential pressure as well as the discharge head and uses this information to determine whether the pump is operating in an energy-efficient manner.

All PumpDrives have a harmonised design for motors with ratings up to 55 kW. They can be mounted on a motor, on the wall or in a control cabinet and are the only variable speed systems that can control asynchronous motors as well as synchronous reluctance motors.

For higher ratings up to 1.4 MW, frequency inverters in book format with IP 20 enclosure are available for installation in a control cabinet.

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