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Variable-area flowmeter

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article image Designed for flow rates of 2.5 - 100,000 l/h.

KROHNE has developed the H 250 food variable-area flowmeter specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

It is the only variable-area flowmeter certified by the EHEDG. Typical applications for the H 250 include measuring milk, carbon dioxide, alcohol, or saturated steam.

With more than two million units installed worldwide, the H 250 has become the industry standard for variable-area flowmeters.

The characteristics of the H 250 include a surface roughness of less than 0.8µm, crevice-free design, compatibility with CIP and SIP cleaning up to 150°C (302°F) and a range of hygienic connectors. Wetted parts are available in Hastelloy or stainless steel. The H 250 is designed for flow rates of 2.5 - 100,000 l/h.

The modular design of the H 250 makes it possible to exchange and retrofit components while the process is running. This means, for instance, that limit switches, flow totalisers, high-temperature adapters and electrical signal outputs can be easily integrated on site by plugging them into the flowmeter. The electrical outputs are compatible with HART and Profibus. No re-calibration is necessary.

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