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Solid solution for concrete manufacturers

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OVER 100 concrete producers across the UK have installed Optiflux electromagnetic flow meters, from Krohne , in order to reduce water costs and environmental impact.

Norstrom Group, which provides plant and control systems to pre-mix concrete and mortar suppliers, designs systems that use recycled rather than fresh water.

The company uses Optiflux within its systems because the instrument can operate reliably in harsh conditions and measure accurately abrasive, semi-slurried recycled water.

Previously, concrete manufacturers used mechanical turbine meters to measure the flow of fresh water. Because recycled water is abrasive and contains slurry, it is not suitable for this application. The frequent blockages and failures result in increased downtime and maintenance.

The Optiflux flow meters are used in batch manufacturing processes, which run constantly. The devices measure accurately the amount of recycled water that is added to cement mixing vessels, which flows at rates of between 10 and 20 cubic meters per hour. A signal output from the instrument is fed into a computer system, which controls valves on the water feed pipe.

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